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We are excited to introduce you to Love146, a ministry that is working to end child trafficking and exploitation. Love146 journeys alongside children impacted by trafficking today and prevents the trafficking of children tomorrow.

Hemet Church is hosting a fundraising event for Love146 on Thursday, October 13th at 7pm to help end child trafficking. We would love for you to share this page and join us as we contribute toward this cause. You can also download our event flyer below!

The phrase “human trafficking” was introduced decades ago with relatively few people tracking the issue. But today, many of us know about this horrific crime. The number of reports about children being trafficked is skyrocketing. It can seem like the issue is getting worse as new stories are unearthed. But the more deeply we understand the issue of child trafficking, the closer we are to ending it.

To end child trafficking

Watch this video to learn some about what Love146 is doing.

10 Fast Facts about Child Trafficking

(From Love146’s website)

Fact 1

At any given moment, an estimated 40.3 million people are being victimized in situations of trafficking and exploitation (including forced marriage) worldwide. 25% of these are children. 

Fact 2

Human trafficking is any situation of exploitation that a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, deception, and/or abuse of power. In the case of child sex trafficking, force, fraud, or coercion do not need to be present, and the crime is simply the exchange of any sex act with a child for anything of value.

Fact 3

Traffickers exploit vulnerabilities and being a child is an inherent vulnerability. Under US federal law, all children involved in commercial sex are victims of human trafficking. Sadly, only about half of US states have laws that protect sexually exploited children from being prosecuted for prostitution.

Fact 4

You’ll often hear about trafficking “hotspots.” The truth is that trafficking occurs wherever there are people. Spikes in reported trafficking may also be influenced by an increased focus in that region on research, training, or an awareness campaign promoting the national hotline.

Fact 5

Sex trafficking is not just a “women and girls issue.” About 15% of those in our US survivor care have been boys and non-binary youth.

Fact 6

Children from culturally and linguistically diverse communities are more than 2x as likely to experience sex trafficking as children who identified as white. 

Fact 7

Traffickers can look like anyone and don’t fit one stereotype. Love146 has connected with situations of trafficking in which exploiters have been family members, peers, romantic partners, educators, employers, community leaders, and clergy.

Fact 8

Sometimes youth continue going to school, living at home, and participating in extracurricular activities – even while they are being trafficked.

Fact 9

Often, a “rescue” isn’t the only (or best) way to freedom. Training to recognize & respond appropriately to trafficking, as well as trauma-informed spaces to heal help create pathways for more victims to exit exploitation.

Fact 10

Child trafficking is not a new phenomena. Human Trafficking has been happening forever. In 2003 the United Nations introduced the Trafficking Protocol, introducing a universally agreed upon definition of trafficking in persons.

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